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Elizabeth J. Kolb, MS, LCSW

When working with people, I strive to develop a strong therapeutic relationship.  I desire that each person I work with grow as a person and develop greater freedom to live his or her life with integrity.   My professional success means that for my patient, I become obsolete, as when they heal and grow, they no longer need me.  And so, like the caterpillar who has been transformed into a butterfly, my patient can fly and soar in freedom.


I can help you

I hold a Masters degree in Pastoral Counseling (1988), a Masters degree in Social Work (1998), and a Certificate in Spiritual Direction (2003).  My training and life experience have convinced me that change is always possible and personal growth is our life's task.  I am convinced that there is always hope and that transformation is possible for all of us.  I have been privileged to accompany many people on their journey over these past 30 years be they small children, teens, or adults, journeying with them so that they may live life and live it to the fullest.  It has been my life's quest to help people attain a good quality of life.

I have worked doing Psychotherapy, Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Direction for many years.  I graduated from Iona College with a Master’s in Pastoral Counseling and then obtained my MSW from Hunter College School of Social Work.  I also studied at the Center for Spirituality and Justice where I earned a certificate in Spiritual Direction.

My experience is quite varied. I worked for PDHP, a drug prevention program in the Brooklyn Diocese, where I ran adolescent groups, taught parenting classes and worked with children in the schools;  I worked for ADAPP, a drug prevention program in the Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of NY working with children in grades K-12; Good Shepherd Services in a residential foster care residence with emotionally challenged adolescent girls, in private practice in NYC, then came to Westchester, when asked to begin the RSHM Life Center.  I started the counseling program there in 1995.  I have taught at Fordham Graduate School of Social Service and have supervised countless interns over the years. 

Since then, I have continued to work with children and adults and have done a great deal of work with the geriatric population, in particular, those living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia and their care-givers.  People living with dementia are still very much alive.  We do not always know what is going on with them, and it is my desire to help them live life to the full, whatever that might be for that particular person.

I am a skilled grief counselor.  Recently, I had some training in working with Veterans who are suffering with PTSD.  It was most interesting and I think the process they taught can be quite effective. 

I have provided Spiritual Direction for people making a week long silent retreat and I see individuals for ongoing Spiritual Direction.  Spiritual Direction is a process by which one works to help an individual grow in her or his relationship with God.  It is a very graced process and I experience it as a privilege to journey with someone.

I welcome the opportunity to offer my services to anyone who can benefit from them.



Special training in survivors of abuse


Certificate in Spiritual Direction


Masters in Social Work


Masters degree in Pastoral Counseling

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